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1. Heaven. Templetree
2. Respect. Templetree & Golden Ears
3. Torsion. Templetree & Dean J
4. Blue Mountain. Templetree & Bill Sutton
5. Siren. Control Freaks (featuring Templetree)

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Templetree AKA Caroline Mulcahy, produces music in her studio in the beautiful hills of Wales, inspired by nature & by her own healing journey, having recovered from ptsd, her transcendental lyrics take you on a flow that reeks of positive imagination manifestation & soulful appreciation of the power of healing. She collaborates with some amazing Artists: Golden Ears, Control Freaks, Rob Jones, Dave Kirk, Dean J, Chameleon, Maxtrax studios, Bill Sutton, Drumspyder & Tom Ellis so far. & records in a number of studios aswell, including some of the Artists above & Giant Wafer studios in Mid Wales. Her dreams of love eminate from the sounds & soothe the soul with their deep funk. She’s lived on the streets, making her living busking, playing til her fingers bled in the snow, slept by train tracks, under bridges, in the woods, in trees & also lived in huge houses with marble stairs. She’s traveled with her music, organising events where she’s played & decorated & she generally loves to laugh. Her message is of the capability we all have of positive recovery, how healing is such a good state of mind to be in, Caroline does Reiki which really helps her every day & infuses the music with love. So her music has a real depth to it, as someone who’s experienced so much tells her tales of the way, with a big cheesy grin on her face. The music ranges in genre, from folk, to jazz, funk, blues, psychedelic rock, reggae, dub, dubstep, drum&bass, minimal techno, triphop, hiphop, soul, psy & chillout. She loves just writing whatever she feels like, reckons a bit of a mix is good for the soul, just music of the soul, from many genres. So click the order button below and get instant access to Templetree's latest album, "BLINGLAND" & discover why so many people are talking about Templetree.  
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