The Voice of Nature Echoing Through Me To Heal Me

I have lived in beautiful UK for years, exploring the countryside, getting to know the hidden, secret, sacred places, that have been frequented by Druids & thousands of years of pilgrims on special voyages to mysterious havens of the wilds. I have been on a journey of recovering from ptsd, & nature has had a huge hand in my recovery process, bringing me comfort, soothing me, inspiring me, earthing me, holding me dear, making me feel I belong somewhere special. Many times have I gone to the same ol’ dear places, to appreciate in silence the beauty of nature. One of these places which I frequent, is called Water Break It’s Neck, a stunning waterfall, hidden up a valley in Radnorshire, in Powys, Wales. Going there brings back beautiful memories & reminds me quite how lucky I am, to have recovered so well & to be so happy now, with such a huge amount of love around me. I wanted to be able to express how much this waterfall means to me, so I wrote a song about it, to help to convey to you this special place. The song’s called “Trickelltreat”, it’s a gentle wispy journey to the source, a soaring folk song, that lulls the listener into hearing the echoes of the valley that hides the waterfall. I went back recently & recorded a video of the waterfall, so it now has a music video to go with it, to show you the waterfall itself. The track is not currently available for sale on it’s own, but as a thank you for being one of my subscribers I want to give it to you for free - no strings attached. Download my track Trickelltreat here. If you like the track you might also consider checking out The Love of Wales. It’s my debut album & it’s full of a diverse mix of tunes from many genres, that I would like to think convey some of the beautiful energy of the land I call home, Wales. Speak soon, Caroline.
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