The Return to 432 Hertz Tuning

Screen-Shot-2013-12-24-at-1.22.36-PM 432 Hertz, the tuning of the ancients, that has been used for millennia by the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Indians, the Tibetans, also known as Verdi's A, is coming back to the fore, more & more musicians are tuning back to 432 Hertz. 440 hertz was only standardised in 1953, very recently, by the ISO. It had become accepted by the American Federation of Musicians in 1917, then in about 1940 USA introduced the 440 tuning worldwide. There is a theory that a propaganda minister made the change from 432 to 440 come about, as the 440 tuning has the capacity to make people feel more fear & aggression, people say he wanted to control the population, subtly, by very slightly altering the vibration of music. 440 Hertz tuning has been known to have the effect of people becoming more tense & unsettled, so surely it'd be a huge relief for everyone for 432 hertz tuning to be standardised again. The 432 Hertz tuning is commonly used as the scientific & medical tuning, because it is the only pure tuning that can be used, it's harmonious with the laws of nature, it correlates with sacred geometry, it fits mathematically to the fundamental principles of the makings of the universe. 440 tuning has only 8 scales before it goes out of synch, it's impure scientifically so can't be used for experiments & research. Whereas 432 tuning has 12 scales & loads of healing abilities. I've heard that 440 Hertz is the same vibrational frequency as a screaming, dying animal. Whereas 432 Hertz Tuning is the same vibrational frequency as a purring cat, a mooing cow, the resonance of mother earth itself. Tree Heart Many people have reported that they have a relaxing, healing experience with 432 hertz tuning. It has the ability to resonate with the heart, making a more soothing & positive journey for the listener. 432 Hertz tuning resonates with the chakras, Tibetan monks still use this tuning for their healing mantras. Tibetan sounds Many say that they have a healing, positive experience in 432 hertz tuning, I have to agree with this, after much listening & gauging the effect of the sounds, 432 hertz tuning is noticeably more soothingly vibrant, feels good for you. Another benefit of 432 Hertz Tuning is that you don't have to play the music as loud, because the frequency is more fulfilling, the vibration means that it can fill a room with sound, unlike the 440 Hertz Tuning, which can sound more directional, so needs to be louder. So, I feel a lot more relaxed about making all my music in 432 Hertz tuning as opposed to 440 Hertz tuning, it just feels right to me to create 432 Hertz music, it creates a beautiful, happy, healthy, positive vibe & creates lovely, warm, safe gatherings aswell. So, all my available music is at 432 Hertz tuning. If you'd like to hear my healing music, Templetree, then please go to this 432 Hertz Music page. I do Reiki & crystal healing every day & am always doing my best to make my music a positive, uplifting & healing experience for people, by infusing my creations with healing energy, so makes me feel good knowing that all my listeners are safe in the 432 Hertz zone to go with all that love, I see standardising this tuning as part of being a responsible musician & producer, so please spread the word about 432 Hertz tuning & let's see the return to 432 Hertz Tuning standardised internationally ey!   The Divine Vibration can be audibly heard through the frequency of 432 Hz, Divine to tune into for wellbeing!

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