The Holy Grail

Here's one of my pieces of art I've made (Kundalinieye Art, prints are available of my work, upto A1, & now upto very large (big wall size), on my website, on request (see the contact page, feel free to get in touch).... The Holy Grail by Kundalinieye.... The age old search for the holy vessel that brings eternal life is best perceived as from within ourselves.... we find it from journeying with meditation into finding more sensitivity to ourselves & to everything around us, then we can grow in perception, we can grow in consciousness & live in harmony, lovefilled, peacefully, creatively & happily & journey adventurously, infinitely into the infinite beyond, light. The heart is the cup of love giving.... as whole beings, as the tree of life, we are rooted in living from the heart, in letting the heart guide us in our expression. The roots we have in mother earth, fill us with earthedness & vitality.... our energy glows akin to the limbs of a tree stretching, with our auras giving out resplendent love & light, in a rainbow spectrum of beautiful colours, of the aspects of energetic vibrations that we shine. As above, so below.... the balance within ourselves, in our meditations, in our bhakta yoga, in our daily rituals we set to make, in the love we put into our every task, in the conscientious mindfulness we apply in all our interactions, results in more balance, which results in more astute sensitivity growing gently, so the cup overflows with giving more & more, the more sensitivity one safely nourishes, the more one is receptive to feeling the truth, the more one's light shines bright.... The spiritual light of the crown chakra, glowing bright from having awakened the flow of the kundalini within, is akin to the loving light of the sun, brightening up everything, bringing life, nourishing the mind, body & spirit, filling the cup of the heart, flowing through the being as a cosmic golden shower from the eternal sacred. The heart is the meeting place of the creative spiral of life, of father sky meeting mother earth, of the synthesis of yin & yang within, of the power we have within ourselves to create a balanced & harmonious reality. We charge our hearts with positive creativity & so can give lovingly, demonstratively, expressively, because we our fulfilled from within ourselves, so have plenty to give.   I do not believe in buddha, as he left his wife sitting there waiting for him her entire life & harped on about "compassion", However - the Lightbringer is a Divine concept. The-Holy-Grail-Kundalinieye-Art How the heart is held & centred is the holy chalice of eternal life & splendour.

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