Spiritual Self Defence

In a diverse universe, there is a HUGE amount of love, so best to just focus on the love in meditation, because there's many Divine people, Divine Spirits & Divine Star Beings, Divine PLants, Divine Animals, Divine Elements & Divine Creatures to appreciate ey. Is Divine to transmit love expressively into the universe & feel your vibration uninfringed by closed minds' actions, as they are only souls who have yet to awaken to the intense magic of sensitive, gentle love appreciation ey, feel compassion towards them, cast some light, it'll be allright. :) It's good to know how to defend oneself from negativity though, as many empaths can become anxious, depressed or unbalanced, due to negativity/anger around them, directed towards them. So here's where to post if you have insight as to what works for you as spiritual protection. At times when I've been under extreme negative pressure & attack, I've found that imagining zipping myself up in a cosmic purple sleeping bag, then climbing into an imaginary bear suit aswell, really helped me feel safe, cos at times I've felt so hyper sensitive, that even walking the streets would mean me feeling loads of really intense vibes from people....people can get stuck in your aura when you're out & about, so it's good to have a keen imagination at times of hyper sensitivity, to keep yourself all zipped up, when there's so many varied energies about. These days, I'm doing a lot better thankfully, so I just imagine a golden white shimmering veil of light around me all the time, that works wonders. I use a lot of positive symbolism to protect my energy, here's some of the symbols I use.... celtic crosspentacleprotection Shungite is a really big massive help, it's a black crystal, here's a link to a page that tells you all about it.... http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/shungite.html Black Tourmaline is a really big help in psychic protection too, here's a link to a page that tells you all about it.... http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/black-tourmaline.html I find that if & when I receive anger/negative attacks toward me, that Anandalite really helps massively in cleansing my chakras, at times, doing crystal healing on myself with Anandalite, has completely taken away intense pain from those direct & also those psychic attacks (all be it mostly unconscious attacks from whomever was somnambulantly looping at the time) these crystals also emit light, especially when you pour particular flower essences on them, I've seen them emit huge amounts of light, so intensely beautiful. (the eminent Judy Hall introduced me to Anandalite in Birmingham, when I did a past life crystals workshop with her. You can get them from her shop linked to her website & all her crystals are blessed :)). Here's a page about Anandalite.... http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/aurora-quartz.html   It's good not to dwell on negative attacks on you, best to break free from the negative pursuer & protect your own vibration. Definitely do your utmost to surround yourself with sensitive, gentle people & souls. Be gentle & caring towards yourself, take care of the basic things, like eating really healthily, exercising, doing good work & meditating helps cultivate the good vibes you need to stay safe. Stay peaceful :D, centre yourself & love your vibration. 11219141_529526680535499_4857858019284812081_n 11406835_1039879569385865_7969034447552267720_n If you're trying to break free from a negative influence in your life, it can help to get a piece of string, tie a knot in it, imagine the string & knot is you & them, then cut the string either side of the knot & let go. Relax & feel the energetic cord between you dissipate into nothing. Then, hey presto, you're free! Positive Freedom ritual ;). 11036037_533585940114975_4251959164124252251_n   28924_10200603808362775_978152268_n Your best defence is your smile.... 63260_218362361637336_263058140_n 11393034_1037820389591783_4402229257646154385_n 62089_219906724816233_552760431_n & you can just get some ear muffs like this, with these I don't think you'll have to worry about a thing :D cutest-kitten-hat-ever-13727-1238540322-17 1606958_351011661705738_1772256647_n 11002620_10153124902207743_2226476328836784517_n - Copy 11401291_938497552858974_2267638868026892580_n 563044_10200603502075118_166035783_n perception123 21699_215333515273554_965834865_n 485091_10200652859349019_426709905_n adorable-tough-animals-5 Another good thing for spiritual protection, is power animals, good to go on Shamanic vision quests to find your power animals.... meet them, know them, find them in real life, touch them, connect with them, make perhaps drawings or models of them, get maybe something from them to connect with them, all these things are really helpful, as they will stand by you & defend you when you need it the most. Power animals have the most beautiful spiritual consciousness & awareness & will compassionately be there for you, come what come may. Divine for you to grow protection from your angels & guides & ancestors too, worth doing loads of meditation on for sure.  

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