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Water-Memory Positive thinking has a very beautiful effect on one's life.... if you think positively, then you're more likely to achieve what you set out to achieve, it does make sense, on a very simple level, break it down.... Say you wanted to write a book, you wouldn't get anywhere if you thought to yourself "I'm shit, I can't seem to think of any words, just my luck, I'll never get it done." Whereas if you meditated & thought to yourself, "right, I'm going to do this beautifully, it's going to be a great book & I'm really good at writing, it flows easily to me, simple. I can picture it, I can imagine it so vividly, it's going to be amazing, I'll plan it all out now...." - then you're much more likely to get on & write the book....by programming your subconscious & conscious mind to be positive, by thinking positively, by disciplining your mind to be positive in every thought mindfully, by making positive affirmations about progressively achieving what you'd love to, then you naturally work towards achieving your goals, you attract your wildest dreams towards you as you feed your creative fire.... having simple goals, just like the goal of just being happy in the moment, is a lovely goal to have & that takes a lot of work to achieve, through just adamantly living in a state of thankfulness & appreciation at what you do have, you attract more positive into your life (like for example "Oh darling, thankyou soo much for the roses, you make me feel so appreciated, I love you so much, yes I will marry you." as opposed to "no I'm not marrying you, cos you don't ever show me any appreciation.").. Happiness is a way of being....being in a happy way of being, being centred in peacefulness & love, encourages the creative flow to flourish & excel. Many people who have succeeded in their own personal dreams, have used this principle of positive thinking, positive imagination visualisation manifestation (the law of attraction), to get where they are today (including Einstein). Say you wanted to write a concerto & you could meditate on how it would sound, how it would make you feel, you could hear it in your mind's eye, you could picture the orchestra playing it, hear the crowd's applause, feel the high energy of how the piece moved the people with the beautiful sounds....then all that visualisation would really help you achieve your goals in your writing, it would be a massive inspiration ey, which would drive you to apply yourself every day constructively. There are many conventional phrases that hold people back from their dreams, like for example, "that's just my luck, shit always happens to me", or "I always get beaten down" or "typical" when something bad happens, or "It'll never change" or "I'll never be able to do it" - those kind of expressions affirm negativity in your life, they develop a quagmire of swampy, negative, stagnant thinking. Best to break free of negative phraseology & negative cycles & instead think constructively, break out, then all your creative conversations can be making steps towards you achieving your goals, naturally developing the step by step process of working towards everything you've ever dreamed of, by growing, cultivating positive energy, it amasses & naturally becomes amazing things & happenings, naturally. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. On another note, if you haven't healed from traumas of the past, then you hold the traumas within you as blocked energy, so you're more likely to attract similar traumas again & again....so it's so important to heal thoroughly, to release those traumas, in order to be able to step onto the next stage of your spiritual path, so you can attract the beautiful happiness you'd love, by your vibration having transformed into a more light state, that's more conducive to attracting good circumstances. d9ebeedfa84c4ee763ba739326a76aad There's a lot to perceive in this world that is not solid as such ey....like being able to see & feel someone's aura - being able to see & feel someone's energy glowing, being able to see & feel & hear spirits, being able to see, feel & hear the energy of trees, plants, flowers, animals....there's a lot to see, feel, hear & appreciate that isn't solid right here in this world, that can be amazing to experience, as long as you stay earthed & centred. Energy can be so intense to sense when one is sensitively attuned to feeling energy sensitively, that it can actually feel solid to the touch when you perceive it - thus redefining what the term "solid" actually is (an accumulation of energy that is so intense it can feel solid to the touch/to be touched by, yet may not be solid such as a wooden table is).... All created thought is energy.... thought transmits a vibrational frequency into the ether that can feel so beautiful sensorily (when love filled) or very painful physically(when angry), which is why it's so important to be mindful in every thought, so to give out good vibes of positive creation to the universe, as that comes back to you.... what you put into a situation comes back to you. The body, when sensitised, becomes a sensory receiver, picking up on various sorts of energy transmissions directed at the self. Energies which have been transmitted through the ether, are picked up by aspects of the whole of the mind, body & spirit. So, it's really good to protect yourself when so sensitive, as there's all sorts out there, some good, some bad. I have some positive talismans & amulets which help & beautiful crystals & do a lot of positive visualisation of a shimmering veil of gold & white energy surrounding me, protecting me, aswell as positive symbolism & help from my Angels, my Guides, The Divine Vibrations & Frequencies & my Ancestors. underwater-meditation-show-english-14-728 For anyone to have the perception of this world that it is only made up of solid substance, they must be entirely bound to the physical plane, not yet conscious of the spiritual planes, of energy.... of feeling energy, by their closed mindedness - lack of interest in meditating on the focus of how much they are capable of feeling sensitively. On applying the self in meditations (& yoga) on feeling your own energy within, it's possible to grow the sensitivity to feeling your own energy becoming more & more vibrant as the kundalini awakens & the energy flows more keenly & conscientiously. Then it is possible to consciously send good, prayerful energy to help situations heal, an amazing achievement, well worthwhile. & it is also possible to manifest positive circumstances by accumulating positive energy, grown from thought, developed in word, sealed in action. Perception-Is-Reality Spirits may not have a solid as such reality, but it is possible for spirits (conscious energy beings) to reach out & touch living incarnate beings in this world....some spirits can move objects, some can touch people, some can be felt very intensely as a strong presence, some can give guidance to incarnate beings, some need help to let go of the physical plane & go into the light & potentially reincarnate (including those spirits that sometimes attach onto people, causing psychosis, depressions & anxiety, "lifelong mental illness diagnoses" actually easily cured by depossession rituals & Niacin & Magensium Oretate, quite simply). There's a whole spectrum of the kinds of conscious energy beings that are present in this world, it's so good to be open minded, as to be able to perceive the truth of reality. fe7c3f601d41fb9cba25bdebb57f5926 All objects, that are made up of energy vibrating, have a vibrational frequency....when an object is blessed & given good, loving, positive energy, then it feels good to the touch, sacred. When an object has been given aggressive, harsh, screaming energy, then it can actually feel painful to hold - to a sensitive person. Everything has it's own vibrational frequency, amassed from the energy it has beheld on it's journey. So it's responsible to give out good energy, to respect the vibration of your environment, for all's well being. perception1 Energy shared between beings can be creative & love filled & good for you, or it can be angry, painful, destructive & actually accumulate illness. So it's so important for people to be gentle & love filled in all their thoughts & words, so that sensitive beings don't feel pain, but instead feel ecstatic bliss of pure happiness, as constructive solutions are found by positive thought, with love. most-adorable-animals-23 17519-f97014402a09818c58ca29e7c647357d Science has developed, from gaining an understanding of reality, experientially, observationally, of the sacred makings of the universe & there is a lot that is not yet understood by science, that is beyond current means of scientific assessment, because many scientists do not have an earthed spiritual understanding, so cannot perceive outside of their indoctrinated thinking, which holds back from their would be research & sometimes misguides their ethics. To blinker the perception into believing that we can only be led by scientific proof, only represses consciousness into believing such as proven, that at that time, the world was flat for example, that's all most people knew back then, but in fact the world is round. It took an awakening of consciousness to find the truth. To think only of being led by what is proven, leaves out the fundamental basis of science...which is to explore & awaken in understanding to the nature of the universe, by journeying in consciousness to be able to comprehend more of true reality, by opening the mind & perceiving more sensitively. There is actually plenty of scientific proof as it goes that energy beings are made up of energy (get an aura photograph done), that when a person passes on to the spirit world, that their energy leaves their body & can be recorded moving using energy detection equipment, that vibrational thought can be transmitted from one place to another & received & understood, that spirits emit vibrational frequencies, that plants give out energy vibes & respond to good energy & so on so forth. So, it's actually a very blinkered belief that would say it is only a solid world, if proof's what you need, then there is scientific proof available for you to peruse through. perception-3-728 22197_10153114954473964_8524782774347536106_n I'd say humility is important for everyone setting out on a spiritual path, along with all the noble virtues, because there are many trickster spirits out there that can misguide the senses detrimentally (unbalance the experimentation, cause illness, who need healing) & there are many noble spirits out there who deserve utter respect (who will help the good in any way possible) & if one perceives one is sensing a feeling or communicative connection say from a particular person/spirit, then it's important to confirm that for sure, as tangibly as possible, before judgement can be made & action taken for the good of The Divine. The journey of discovery in spirituality, is an earnest voyage of spiritual science - of questioning humbly each step of the way, as new senses are evoked from prayer, as new consciousness arises, as new horizons of perception dawn on the self.... & there is an infinite amount to perceive. Through depth of experience, confirmed realisations of guided truths & the development of the sensitive senses, the inner knowledge of the science of spirituality becomes gradually more founded in actual knowledge of how everything really is, the more you go along, so confidence grows in the self & that confidence is founded in having set out with humility, intelligently questioning & at the same time working on how sensitive one can be at focusing on feeling the truth in order to be of assistance. 17520-866753cf581d1e221939aeca9cf3dbea perception11imagesD761AV2Rcat-to-lion-image11155216641chakra-poster-newest31

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