Reiki Healing & Orthomolecular Medicine to Treat Trauma

In my experience Reiki has the most mindblowingly positive effect with recovering from trauma, I'd highly recommend it. As it was trauma that I went through, the balance of my mind energetically, (a result of my brain freaking out from trauma) a lot of Reiki on my brain regularly has had a really positive effect in me healing totally, healing from fighting so very Spiritually. Doing Reiki on myself...primarily on my brain, always turns any intensity into a sense of huge comfort & love surrounding me & helps empower the Divine Vibrations to resound in friendly, reassuring tones of positive, heartful, good spirit support, whispering friendly, common sensical advice through the vast expanses of multi dimensional space & consciousness to me somehow :). It's gotta be known & understood, that in "3rd world" countries, where people don't have the money to afford expensive, anti-psychotic medications, people have a 100% rate of recovery from psychosis & then return to normal work life ordinarily. We have a lot to learn from ancient cultures & shamanic healing traditions, about healing positively from traumatic times, in believing in the brain's amazing ability to readjust energetically & chemically to having gone through trauma, thus enhancing a spiritually uplifted state. The brain can heal into a state of deepened bliss, appreciating so fully the relief of recovery from trauma, thus heightening the feelings of love & bliss further than known before, having been strengthened by the journey & having become dedicatedly focused on looking after the self from all angles, emotionally, physically & spiritually, much success is possible. The utilisation of Niacin, Magnesium Oretate & Vitamin C also has a very beneficial effect on one's emotional & mental well being - Orthomolecular Medicine.    

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