Playing Til My Fingers Bled

It was the sunny summer of ’95 & I was playing live for the first time on stage, at the boarding school which I had a scholarship to go to, in the beautiful Shropshire hills. Life was so sheltered & peaceful there. The curtains drew back & there was me on the stage, guitar in hand, strumming songs that I’d written of my dreams of love & dreams of the world. The excitement & adrenalin of being faced with a huge audience filled me with knowing…. That this was what I wanted to do…. Pure joy as the audience swelled with applause after my best effort, sheer inspiration of being able to make people happy in this way…. All I wanted was to be able to sing with such deep soul, that it would move people to feel beautiful emotions….little did I know that I would have to go through such a challenging journey to be able to sing with such depth of soul & reason…. Years have followed, of initially busking on the streets wherever I’ve traveled, organizing events, which I’ve played & decorated at, playing at festivals & random bars in random towns & cities, in hidden little country pubs, at after parties, gatherings of friends, around kitchen tables, in the woods at organic hippie gatherings & at luxurious dinner parties. It’s been a fascinating journey, where I’ve met so many interesting people, what’s made it real, is the listener, you. A good audience makes the music come to life, brings meaning to the musical expression, puts the va va voom into the live experience. Templetree At times when I’ve made my living busking, it’s been hard, but I was filled with the music I was creating, living the music live every day. I remember when I’ve traveled busking, played out in the snow til my fingers bled, sleeping rough, waking up & playing some more, just to make enough to grab a cup of coffee & travel on a bit further….at times like those, it was sheer survival with my strings. Amazing moments occurred so beautifully, where people would gather round me on the street & all of a sudden I would have a captive audience, who would cheer & team together to fuel my journey onwards some more & provide me with nourishment for my way, as I traveled with my guitar, singing my songs of love, positivity & inspiration. It has always given me great joy to bring life & culture to the streets & I still occasionally go out busking, just for the experience, to connect with people, to create musical moments, to feel the rawness of performing live on the street, where some look down on you, some stop by & appreciate your earnest offering of culture. There’s such drastic contrasts as a live performer to experience….I remember when I was 5, performing ballet to the Royals of The Emirates in a huge & vast theatre. I remember performing live for Prince Charles, in Portmeirion, having been selected out of Wales to sing for him. I think back to all the venues as I’ve toured, the smell of stale beer & piss, before the venue has opened whilst setting up, the camaraderie of fellow musicians on stage, the promises to keep in touch, the sheer joy of performing, the kicking back after a night & counting the money to see if costs have been covered, the long journeys to gigs with so many laughs along the way, the momentum of inspiration to just be able to keep it all going, just for the love of it. What it comes down to, is that I absolutely love performing live, I love connecting with the listener - you, bringing inspiration, creating emotional moments of appreciation, uplifting & moving people…. It’s all about the listener. So, thank you for listening, thank you for making the music real for me. Thank you for taking the time to propel me into further creations grown from your appreciation of what I do., you make it real for me. You rock! If you'd like to hear the culmination of years of work, in my debut album, "Blingland" click here
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