Permaculture is the art of conscientiously & organically encouraging diverse & rich ecosystems so that all the plants are in harmony with each other (placed next to each other depending on how they get along), thus increasing edible yields massively & making a beautiful & rich landscape, with healthy, ecological bio-diversity, highly varied plethoras of fruits, vegetables & herbs, .... the edible landscape we need (as opposed to artificially fertilised, gm monocultures), in order to live self sufficiently & sustainably & to restore fertile landscapes to previously dry, scorched land & encourage healthy weather systems. Permaculture also involves many arts of making best efforts to leave a zero carbon footprint on the land, to utilise renewable technology for energy sources, to design with energy conservation & future impact in mind, to think globally & act locally, to live a conscious, energized life &.... relax & enjoy in the process. The permacultural living standard is to work 4 hours per day & relax & celebrate for the rest of the time.

I studied Permaculture Design Consultancy with Sector 39, at Chickenshack...

I was the Design Consultant for the Llanfyllin Workhouse Project, as the project was being launched (& one of the Directors at the time). I was publically thanked for my intensive work on the presentation of the concept by Llanfyllin community :). 11 presentations before had failed & the one I put together was approved by the board of trustees & the amazing community have teamed together & now own the project & amazing events happen there regularly :).

If you'd like some help designing your own sustainable living community project presentation, don't hesitate to get in touch, I've a way with words that helps get matters approved.

I've also worked with Sector 39, implementing permacultural edible forest gardens in primary schools in UK. If you'd like to get trained up in Permaculture, then Sector 39 is a good way to go....

In these changing times, it's so important for us to look at how sustainably we're living. There's all sorts of aspects of daily life we can transform, so that we're living in harmony with the earth. From recycling waste & water, to reviewing sustainable energy sources, there's tonnes of solutions we can consider to make our lives more green. In Wales we have a thriving community of sustainability practitioners. We have the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth (C.A.T.) where you can find out about many aspects of sustainable living....

I work with Hiraeth Institute, as Creative Director, Shamanic Practitioner & ...also Permaculture Design Consultant & have drawn up designs for Hiraeth, which have gone forward to instill edible forest gardens in primary schools & residential care homes, in order to nurture young peoples' connection & affinity with nature.

Also, we manage a woodland & are always working on improving the ecological bio-diversity, by planting more varied, mixed broadleaves & a massive range of flowers, fruits trees & herbs.

I'd like to raise lots of money with my music, to protect wildlife. Please help support the cause.

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