Conscious Erotica was Authored by Sophia (SAJMRM), but is currently to informative for people to know how to handle. It is being ammended & may be potentially republished in due course.

Conscious Erotica by Caroline Mulcahy book's now available on Amazon, in paperback! Woohoo!! 😀 Is pretty expensive, cos to print it large, with so much colour art in costs a lot for each one, but there is also a bargainous Kindle edition on Amazon too now.

"Sophia is: a Shamanic Practitioner, running Royal Therapy; a Live Artist called Templetree Live, who’s just released 8 Genre Defying albums; a Poet; an Artist called Kundalinieye; a Designer, running &; The Director of Hiraeth Instiute, a nationwide Therapies company, based in U.K.

This book is all about journeying from utter despair & harrowing trauma, into manifesting our ultimate dreams, through healing, having a sense of humour & staying completely focused on the vision. Writing this book has really helped her on her way.

Within you’ll find many techniques for strengthening your resolve & many tools for working your way to your goals. There’s a fair amount of romantic poetry, as Caroline mused so richly on manifesting meeting the one for her & was eventually guided right to him by hearing the Divine voice. This is a wonderful love story.

From being recommended to Cambridge at 16, she went through devastating traumas, that resulted in her living on the streets, homeless, traumatised & abused, taking illicit drugs to escape, she battled with anxiety & fear of either being raped again or being carried away again by the men in white coats to their horrific abuse. Caroline saught extensive healing therapies & went on to gain full certifications as a Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Master, but not without being called insane & delusional along the way, as she battled for new perceptions in mainstream therapy systems in her work. She wrote the potential GCSE in Consciousness, which is in this book, in it’s 2015 edition, as a learning resource to whomever may need it.

Caroline practices Shamanism daily, she infuses all her creative works with healing light, even when she plays music, she is working shamanically, assisting divine spirit to bring about healings. She would absolutely love this book to help you on your way. Within you’ll find many shamanic techniques explained poetically.

She also introduces the economical concept of Hollistic Well-Being Hospitals, to replace the outdated, ineffective, cruel & costly psychiatric model, which causes so much stigmatisation & so many to be lost in the system.

& also there is a tonne of her beautiful art inside.

The G.C.S.E. In Consciousness included, has modules on: 1. Meditation 2. Mindfulness 3. Respect 4. Energy Awareness 5. Healing 6. Enhancers 7. Family Values (& parental control) 8. The Law of Attraction 9. Tantra 10. Peace 11. Nutrition 12. Permaculture 13. Managing Your Finances (& business design)."

To buy the book, in either paperback or Kindle (or both), please go to this link at Amazon....

Conscious Erotica by Caroline Mulcahy

Also, Sophia has Authored another book, called 'Shamanic Elation' which was also now available on Amazon. It's a short, little book of poetry, inspired by her ongoing shamanic work. It is being ammended for potential republication. It is currently too informative for people to know how to handle.
Shamanic Elation by Caroline Mulcahy

Shamanic Elation by Caroline Mulcahy
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