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I started playing music very young, singing to myself in the deserts - as I was born in Arabia & then singing to myself down by the river & playing in the woods, when we moved back to UK - always the pure romantic, since very young... I've always sung. & I remember sitting, when I was knee high to a grass hopper, with a guitar on my knee, strumming away & I then picked the guitar up properly & started playing out live when I was 13. I have done a lot of busking in the past, travelled around with my guitar, making a living that way - that was more in my teens & twenties. These days I still go busking for the experience of it (with a busking amp, a whole little mobile set up), can be quite good fun now & then, meeting people, making some money too :)), just these days, I like to have my livelihood more stable, I have my Recording Studio at home, a whole wonderful devoted sacred space for my music, which I'm very thankful for, so I do a lot of work in there, with beautiful trees all around me, Amazing for quality inspiration! I'm very lucky & blessed!

I was greatly inspired by going to so many Psychedelic parties, since 1998, listening to so many diverse sounds, dj-ing, decorating, organising events & dancing so vividly - my dancing has really grown through the years, is a very spiritual, sacred prayer dance to me, I LOVE to dance!! So, so many gigs & parties definitely had a big impact & influence on my work.... which are very varied & diverse, as I love listening to so many different genres of music.

Templetree: Make your own way, the usual path may be outdated

I have been teaching myself music production for many years, ...first off, starting with my little pink tape recorder when I was five (which I bought with my first ever pocket money), then progressing onto a 4 track, then onto utilising Sony Acid, then Cubase, Ableton, Soundforge & a whole host of plugins, mid controllers & live gear. I've acquired some beautiful equipment, which really helps me in my work: A pair of Adam A7X studio monitors Oh my God they're GhOOOOd speakers, highly recommend!), a Shure 55SH Series II dynamic Mic (utter Classic), an SE 2200 A Condenser mic (seriously pure sound), a Rhode NT2A condenser mic, a Tanglewood TW47E Solid Mahogany electro acoustic cutaway guitar (my dream guitar, I used to go into the music shop - Mid Wales Music & pick it up & play it, then my Bro & his wife got it for me for my Birthday Woohoo eh! Unbelievable!), a Washburn solid mahogany vintage electric guitar, an original Big Muff pedal :D, a selection of fx pedals, a Meinl large Djambe, a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 soundcard, Cubase 8, Ableton 9, plus a Cello & loads more software & video musical software, which come in handy for making music videos of me playing live for Youtube. Plus I have a few more mics, tonnes of leads, a few keyboards & a lovely Peavey rig for playing out live.

So,  I have 23 years of live performance experience, playing original acoustic sets & within the last 10 years I have developed electronic sets too... all Templetree, which is my Artist name. I did a Level 3/4 in Art & Design, then got a 2:2 in Graphics Level 4, in which I focused on growing my skills & in also doing a course called Music Marketing Manifesto, which showed me how to put together my website: , which I run & operate now. I have also been studying, as well as me running Royal Therapy & Carolina Mulcahy (design) & me (Creative Director) & my colleague Martin (CEO) running Hiraeth.  It all intermingles beautifully! I just flow between creative missions & am usually very busy getting stuff done.

Templetree @ The Angel

I've built my website for Royal Therapy, which shows the Therapeutic aspect of my work, as a multi-media, multi genre Live Artist, Creative Designer & Shamanic Practitioner. I put a lot of healing into all my music, art, writing - all my works, are fueled with Positive healing ceremonies & healing light. It's always been so lovely to hear back the wonderful responses from people whom I've played for, hearing about the Therapeutic feeling of the music :)... & how well the bright & colourful art has gone down with people. Even hearing about my poetry I love, receiving the positive comments, always inspires me so much, makes me feel that feel good factor - special kicks ey! &

Growing Hiraeth Institute is great.... some time ago I built the website for Hiraeth. In my work in Hiraeth I do all the Multi Media Design & work as a Shamanic Practitioner & work on internal vision design & innovation, plus on running HR, ensuring ongoing evidence based research is gathered & documented, in providing ongoing shamanic case management & in so many areas of the business it'd take me forever to write it all down. I have transformed the ideology of Hiraeth to having become centred around a Holistic Therapies outlook. I have invested a huge amount of time & energy into launching the company nationwide, extensively & we are now growing very effectively. I balance that work with my music creations.

I enjoy writing all sorts of music, I love to just focus on what I'm writing myself, with my creativity, as opposed to recording other people for them, but recording people for what I'm doing, I like to work on what I can make myself as an artist, as I: sing, play guitar, Djembe, dj, produce electronic & acoustic music & I play some keyboard & piano too, so it's my sound & my production as an Artist I like to focus on.

Templetree @ Cariad

I've been through so many stages of musical studio equipment gear, to get to the beautiful kit I have now. & I'm very interested in learning how to operate Logic on a Mac, sounds interesting, sounds simple & easy to function. I absolutely love performing live, I get such thrills from being on stage... my acoustic performances go from being very soft & gentle, quiet & soothing, then gradually grow into being more rhythmic blues, then some more psychedelic rock kinda stuff. Then I go into the electronic set, to follow the acoustic set, which starts out with some groovy hiphhopesque chilled beats, with live vocals, then I build up the pace, with more housey stuff & some psychedelic drum&bass & then some more trancey stuff, then I do a dj set, to get everyone properly dancing - generally works well, as an all evening long performance, great for the early crowds & winds up for the late night crowds :), - I really enjoy it! I love my Psychedelic Trance, just it has to be dark, filthy & hard, twisted & seriously sacred stomping music sounding, for me to be happy. I like to work on all aspects of my production really, to take people on a journey through sound, that lifts & grows in pace gradually, through the hours. The longest I've played is for 5 hours. Then after I've done the 2 Templetree sets, I go on to playing a dj Cabbagecaz set, which is Dark Psy, to really get everyone dancing about, works really well, I have a few regular spots which I frequent to play, with lovely atmospheres & good, kind people to play to, lots of fun. The venue has to be right for me to want to play really & I need to make sure I'm well enough paid, to keep it all going & make it all possible ey - being realistic - it's a lot of work I put into making my Live sets possible & I've got to keep it all fuelled & stoked :).
I've also bought a course called "Record Release Formula" - also made by John Oszajca, the inventor of Music Marketing Manifesto - which really helped me learn about web design. I think in the music industry, as an Independent Artist you have to be able to think of business as well as the music to be able to get by... I really appreciate help with that to be honest. I just love playing! - Especially on a crisp & tidy sound system, all tweaked up :). & I love to sing, I love to sing & play guitar so much, I get such serious kicks out of live performance - it's where my heart's at - that & making people dance & enjoy the artistic ambience created for each event. Some of my music is at 432 Hz, the Healing Tuning, the Divine frequency of Earth... good for the soul, my music is part of my Therapy work, I like for all my events to be Therapeutic experiences for people. I've organised a lot of events through the years, where I've played my music & decorated, with my Psychedelic art, with sacred symbolism, to make safe space for good people to have beautiful experiences in -where they go away feeling enriched hopefully.
I've bought another course called 'The Online Musician 2.0' to help me know how to do the online thing with my music, I'm working through that bit by bit. I'm a bit of a course junkie :), I love learning & love being able to lead my way in what I love doing.


I've also written a book, which is currently about 350 pages long now, a healing journey, called "Conscious Erotica" - it's quite vivid, with lots of romantic poetry & a lot of my art in it & photography. I'd like to develop marketing my music, art & book together, as to show me as a person, the complete works, as I'm creative from quite a few angles, I think the people who are into it would love it & hopefully I'll be found by a lot more good people who'll love my creativity! Tantra News UK did an article about my upcoming book, which I was really thrilled about :), always exciting to hear things are getting out there & being appreciated by good people! Music for the soul ey!

I love so many genres of music, music of the soul, music of the heart. I've collaborated with about 18 different & very talented Artists from around the globe including: Golden Ears (Mike Cusato), Chameleon (Liquid Records), Drumspyder, Dean J, Smiler, Tom Ellis (Trimsound Records - we have Vinyl with my vocals on to his Minimal Techno), Rob Jones, Dave Kirk, Dj Shadow (though not officially, but have done some recording work with one of his tracks, I did try to contact him, but no news, as of yet.), plus numerous other Artists.
The snow at ours

I've recorded in several studios through the years: Maxtrax Studios in Aberystwyth, Giant Wafer Studios in Llanbadarn y Fynydd in Wales - (Ed there's so good to me, his home made mics are phenomenal! Sony & BMG do a lot of recording there, with their Artists), Liquid Studios in London, my studios, Chickenshack Studios on the West Coast of Wales, Golden Ear's Studios (sound guy for Ben E. King, played with R.E.M. etc, Phenomenal Bro he was, Mike, bless his soul's journey (recently passed)), Tom Ellis's Studio (Trimsound Records) & Artman's Studios by Dolgellau, to name a few. So, I feel very lucky & privileged to have been so supported by the Artists & Studios I've worked with - years of positive, professional & ongoing, fun & laugh filled collaborations).. Many good times, to be sure!
I was selected out of Wales to perform live for HRH Prince Charles in about 2006, which I did, was cool to meet him, lovely bloke. I received Prince's Trust funding to develop my music in 2002, which bought me my 4 track recorder, then really helped me with setting me up with my first proper recording studio & I then went to play & record in a Castle near Cardiff with that, which was brilliant. Then I got Ultd Funding to develop my studio in about 2007. & so I've been working on developing my studio skills a lot, spending very long hours in the studio, intermingled with immersion in nature, teaching myself & learning from various Artists along the way. I've gradually added to my studio gear, bit by bit & thankfully have achieved seriously good sound quality, with the amazing technology we have today.
I've also been recording live folk sessions about Wales, for years, gathering recordings of the locals playing, they've really come along, think I'll make a cd for them eventually :). The Traditional Welsh Folk Scene has such a heart & might about it, the songs of the hills, echoing through the ages, such beautiful heartfelt music, always does me good to go & listen, play a bit & record the various sessions. - Something a bit different ey... hence my love for so many different genres, so many different energies, sounds, instruments, rhythms, flows, ... music through the ages documented ey.
Our Landy

People who inspire me: Enya, Prince, Massive Attack, Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, Billy Holiday, Pink Floyd, Dark Shire, Delirium, Rui de Silva, Olde Skool Jungle Classics, Mozart, Chicane, Nirvana, Magdalena by Perfect Circle is my alltime favourite track, genius band, Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran & Rudimental is one of my favourite tracks, all sorts really - so many Artists it'd take me all day to name them all ey.
Thankyou  for reading & I hope you enjoy my music, I'm Templetree Live on Youtube & Templetree Music on Bandcamp, there's also &, which explain a bit more about the way we roll, as I've mentioned, working to help people therapeutically really inspires me, so, through the years I've been gradually getting more Therapy Certificates, which help in furthering the work... good work for the soul, I love helping people. A bit of a mix of creative flows works really well with me, keeps me interested, then I find I'm just busy all the time, going from one project to another, happily being creative, performing out live as much as possible.

I live in the wilderness in Mid Wales, living off the land as much as possible. I spend a lot of time in the woodland.

Templetree Smurf