Royal Therapy Sophia selectively offers Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Power Retrieval, Chakra Rebalancing, Shamanic Soul Healing, Crystal Healing & Prayer ceremonies. & works shamanically whilst she's playing music. Royal Therapy All Sophia work is based on being healing, all of the music is charged with healing light & a lot of it at 432 Htz pitch (which is the healing tuning). My art is all positive sacred symbolism, to help envision healing journeys. My poetry is all about charging up the mind with positive thought manifesting the desired reality. Her events are sacred gatherings to create sacred space where people can dance in prayer, open mindedly, spiritually. She hopes to bring an all round healing experience for people in all her works, so if you'd like some help, then feel free to get in touch. 🙂 Royal Therapy Healing Sophia did her Reiki Master training with Yeleni, in Hereford (from 2000-2015) & studied Spiritual Healing with an elder, Ian. She studied to be a Shamanic Practitioner at both Lendrick Lodge & with Bronze Dragon International, where she received her certifications, which enabled her to practice in view (much as she'd dreamt of getting her work out there, she had to battle for years against horrific torture & made it through & now is safe, happy & well, in her own home. She's done 25 years of Transcendental Meditation, which have attuned & sensitized her sensory field. She's done Hatha, Bhakta & Tantra Yoga since she was 13. & practices Chi Kung, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness & offer Spiritual Guidance. Royal Therapy Brochure If you'd like more info about her Healing Therapies please go to the therapy website, Royal Therapy Royal Therapy Brochure 2 Screen_shot_2015-05-06_at_14 Hiraeth Institute logo Sophia is also The Director of Hiraeth Institute , where we offer a massive range of Therapeutic solutions, in many cases to young people in looked after care & also to Corporations, Schools, Outdoor Learning Centres, Charities, Trusts, Universities & the Welsh Government schemes & Welsh Arts Council schemes. Hiraeth - Clinician - Professional Services brochure 1 Hiraeth - Clinician - Professional Services 2
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