Great Oak Records

Great Oak Records Great Oak Records is the label established in 2007 by Sophia Alexandra Juliet Mitchell Roe Mulcahy, for Templetree & friends. This is the label behind the releases on this Artist's site. Great Oak is a label that strives to purvey the essence of the heart, in healing, uplifting, soulful & very romantic music. Templetree has been labelled "Genre Defying" - & sticks to that. She loves many genres of music, just music with soul, music with heart, music with visions. She collaborates with a plethora of extremely talented Artists worldwide. Templetree coming soon 🙂 5624_495777487145227_29095760_n 555076_494622707260705_808062350_n Sophia is a fully authorised, fully certified, fully insured, highly experienced & exceptionally well trained Shamanic Practitioner, who has worked to support The Monarchy, protecting & assisting The Divine, since 2000, is doing so & shall do so. Llanidloes is a small & vibrant town, in the heart of rural Mid Wales, cloaked in beautiful landscapes & wonderful trees. There is a street in Llani called Great Oak Street. Sophia was inspired to name her label Great Oak Records, after driving back from a party in Birmingham in around 2004 & randomly deciding to turn along a lane near the Welsh border, then another lane, which led her to a massive Great Oak tree, which had a huge cavernous space inside, which she sat in for a while & was deeply inspired & healed by in the moment.... hence Great Oak Records came about: with a mission to inspire & heal, to create a Temple of appreciation for the trees & to plant as many Great Oak trees as possible! Sophia has planted many Oak trees & plans to plant many, many more. The Official Clan Mulcahy Arms: 1The Official Clan Mulcahy Arms Sophia is very proud of her ancient Celtic family heritage, on record in olde leather-bound books, dating back many, many hundreds of years. From the Olde Massive of Eire, to one of the best rated Chefs in Cymru, to Olde Persian Gypsies - going way, way back, there's many a strong, noble character with her in spirit. Sophia always fought to hear family stories by the fire, of how her Mitchell Ancestors would host great parties on the loch in Scotland, at the castle, welcoming in everyone, to be fed & looked after, for lovely, joyous celebrations. The gigantic estate was equally divided amongst all of the heirs, through the centuries & so many of The Mitchells still look after a lot of very beautiful countryside in Scotland. Sophia was told they were the specific Mitchells who set up The Edinburgh Festival, she hasn't had chance to look into that as of yet. The Castle is now in rack & ruin, but everyone's very happy, or so she believes. Her great, great, great grandfather, was Sir Thomas Picton, a proud & furious Welsh General, who led the final charge in the battle of Waterloo, sporting an umbrella as his weapon of choice, the charge won the battle & resulted in the British continuing to speak the English we do today. Sophia was told that her Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Sir Thomas Roe, Ambassador to The Ottoman Empire - however she doesn't feel that he was, but she appreciates feeling that she's somehow acquired his ongoing support, just by having reached out to him spiritually. There have been many Knights, Bishops & Blacksmiths documented in her lineage, which Sophia finds really fascinating (with much humility & reverence for those in need) & has researched a lot, bit by bit. She feels really thankful to be so safely guided by her Ancestors to do good things, that benefit good people & the earth & heal her Ancestral lineage. She feels she benefits from their leadership wisdom & has a lot to offer back. Sophia is really down to earth & has been through the absolute works: raped, sexually abused & psychologically destroyed, disbelieved, misjudged, beaten to the ground, bullied, excluded, targeted, possessed, been made homeless several times, stolen from, ripped off, had her intellectual property go ammiss in the past, confined, 'sedated' & tortured repeatedly, had so many malicious lies told & written about her, been through being the victim of gossip mongering, been through so many psychic attacks on her, been isolated, attacked & harrassed & has come through many, many struggles, each & every time, through much persistance in healing, meditation & prayerful ceremony & with much thankfulness for the love she has around her in her work: she has grown to be a very centred, rooted, laughs-for-kicks "successful in my happiness" kinda girl, always has been for that matter. Sophia has always had her peace & been very happy doing her work, being very much looked after by The Divine, she just has known how to heal herself very effectively, from each of the times she's been infringed upon, healing at each stage, so she can just get on with the job at hand, gathering evidence based research & in developing Royal Therapy, in stages. She is of sound mind & noble character. She has always seen herself as a lady, nothing wrong with that! In the good olden days it was quite the norm. Sophia is trained in Martial Arts (since 2002), just has always been too responsible & highly principled to physically fight back utilising her skills, or even try to defend herself physically from previous attacks - being so highly skilled herself. Some people said to Sophia through the years: "It's your Karma." & Sophia has always responded: "I am Karma." Sophia's spiritual visions started when she was very young & she has shamanically journeyed for many years to grow to comprehend more of her own spiritual journey, through her many incarnations & has seen & understood a lot of what her soul's purpose is in this world, always a lot to do with creativity, ceremony & healing, sometimes with a lot of responsibility, sometimes been with much battling & agony, sometimes with much prayer & relaxation in nature. Getting right back to your roots. Sophia has a deep love for Mother Earth & the natural world. She loves feeding the birds & spending most of her time in the woods. She loves looking after the land which she is a caretaker of, which she lives on, in her own home, by herself. She goes out really when she's performing live as Templetree (or occassionally to have a stomp at a Psychedelic Trance party - where there's some bloody good Dark Psy on the go - where she does some of her Shamanic work as well, to keep it safe, whilst trying to keep safe herself as well). She loves living a solitary life, so she can just focus on her work & be in peace, enjoying herself quite happily, but really would just love to be with the right man for her, but only with her True Love, or she'd much rather just be by herself, in good spiritual company, safe. She always dreamt of meeting the one for her when she was 17 & just getting on with having a lovely family, but she has been pushed to do otherwise, with such work to get done. Sophia is the only person she would ever trust with her work, for good reason. She has some wonderful friends, whom she stays in touch with, which she's known for many years. She's so thankful for the lovely friends she does have - such a bloody good thing to have a bloody good laugh ey! Soul medicine - a crucial element to good life ey! She's very sociable, just, hey, in the right times & places, with the right people. If you'd like to follow our online Great Oak Records updates on fb, you can like our page at 🙂 Great Oak Records music is essentially Templetree (Templetree Est. 1993, previously known as just Caroline Mulcahy - just her name.): music to honour the sacred consciousness of the Trees, music inspired & catalysed by the Trees' wisdom, music created from healing for healing, to uplift, rejuvenate & enrich the soul's journey. Templetree is a Temple to Worship & safeguard the Celtic Tree of Life. There are some really talented Artists who Templetree has collaborated with, who have produced various tracks, which Templetree has produced vocals for & added vocals to (in specific Templetree & Friends sets): who include: Tom Ellis (Trimsound Records), Golden Ears (with Templetree music production too), Chameleon (Liquid Records), Dean J, Skarpa, Rob Jones & Dave Kirk, Nicky Ruffcut, Control Freqs, Lloyd Positivist, Maxtrax Studios (much engineering genius from Max, with Templetree vocals, guitar & djembe), Giant Wafer Studios (recording Templetree playing), Artman, Bill Sutton (his original Jazz piano & Templetree's original Jazz vocals, produced by Templetree), Drumspyder & unofficially, Dj Shadow. Great Oak Records is Multi-Genre, there can be no boundaries as to how genre specific Great Oak Records is. The creativity is always flowing freely, the fountain of life just flows & overbrims, music is just made in the moment, flowing with the feeling of now, inspired & guided by the Trees' wisdom. Sophia works really hard to convey the inspiration she feels in her work, creating purely freestyle, in the moment flows, in their ongoing works as Templetree Psychedelic Soul. Through the years the many genres that have been ammassed, produced by Great Oak Records' Templetree, include: Stoner Folk, Reggae, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, (hopefully Heavy Metal, busy dreaming it up), Psychedelic Soul, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Psychedelic Chillout, Drum & Bass, Minimal Techno, Deep House, Psychedelic Trance & Acid Techno. & also Caz has made consistent efforts, for many years, to travel about Wales, recording Welsh Folk sessions, to document the Welsh Folk scene. Sophia is a Shamanic Practitioner, fully certified, competent & authorised to practice Shamanic Healing Arts & is always learning. This conveys in all her works, across the board. Lord Ganeshe Golden-Om-Symbol