Great Oak Records

  Great Oak Records Great Oak Records is the label established in 2007 by Caroline Mulcahy, for Templetree & friends :). This is the label behind the releases on this artist's site :). Great Oak is a label that strives to purvey the essence of the heart, in healing, uplifting, soulful & very romantic music. Templetree has been labelled "Genre Defying" - & sticks to that. She loves many genres of music, just music with soul, music with heart, music with visions. She collaborates with a plethora of extremely talented Artists worldwide.   Templetree coming soon 🙂 5624_495777487145227_29095760_n 555076_494622707260705_808062350_n If you'd like to follow our online Great Oak Records updates on fb, you can like our page at 🙂