Dubstep Creation Review, featuring Nicky Ruffcut….

Dubstep sounds are diverse & varied, depending on each producer’s angle on their sound expression. When you look at the sounds of Skrillex, for example, in his track ‘Make It Bun Dem’, (Youtube, Skrillex Make it bun dem, 2012), the composition of the track is quite simple, with relaxed, laid back beats & some screeching, ‘phat’ leads, overlayed with some Rastafarian vocals from Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, which add a load of character & ‘vibe’ to the track. Then we could go on to look at Panda Eyes & his track, ‘Super Panda 64’, which has a minimal feel to the framework of the beats, with some ‘sweet’, ‘crystalline’ sounding leads, which give the track a harmonious feel, very much mainstream sounding. The track has refrains that build up into the laid back climax of it. It’s a very different sound to Skrillex. (Youtube, panda eyes, super panda 64, 2018) The composition of both of these tracks are quite simplistic, very masterfully put together, but simple all the same, minimal, symbolic of the mainstream Dubstep sound. But when we go on to look at the sounds of Nicky Ruffcut, for example, an underground Dubstep producer I’ve done some work with, whose sounds are featured, in a couple of his tracks (with my vocals) on my album Laprider, we get a totally different angle on what Dubstep production can be like. (Templetree, 2017) If you listen to the tracks, ‘The Vibe’ & possibly ‘Kicking’, you can feel the sincere gigantic amount of work that has gone in to crafting unusual & crisp beat structures, making a cutting edge ‘kickback’ ‘shuffle-in-the-mind’ sound, a kickass, defined & very much laid back groove, with so much depth, sensitivity & attitude in the harmonious confluence of leads, throbbing bass & beats, the music just makes you fall off your chair in your hurry to crank the gain & reach for the bong & makes you feel like you’re master of the universe, when you’re driving with the windows down, blasting it out, to show the street-corner-kids how it’s done, with the lowrider scraping the tarmac. I’m a big fan of this man’s work! He’s breaking new ground in Dubstep generation in the here & now. & I’d very much like to see his unique & characterful, soul-driving, satisfactorily pounding sounds getting out there in to transforming the mainstream. I’m very proud & privileged to be a studio sister compatriot of his & am really working on publicising his craft! So, my inspiration is clear in my determination of what I’d like to produce myself, within the genre of Dubstep & me being me, it’s bound to have my own twist & definitive sound to it, inspired by the genius around me. So, here the mission starts, to create some more Templetree Dubstep.... Here we go now....

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