‘Deep’ the new album by Templetree Deep House! ….scorchio…. dedicated to Cindy – who passed away from motor neurone disease.

I'd love to hear what you reckon. It's here, you listen & buy if you like....

The whole album is a dedication to my beautiful Aunt Cindy, who passed away in December. She loved driving really fast, was a wild & furious lady, who loved nature & her family with the most dignified sense of humour & utter devotion. So the whole album is emotionally charged with love-filled inspiration, it's euphorically uplifting, it's deep & funky & it's oh so real to me. I absolutely loved creating it in devotion to her memory & to her spirit. I was praying that it would help her journey to the upper world, as the music shone the driving beat, so she flew through the clouds.

I'm listening to the album now, as I write this, isn't it true how music makes you think of times & people. I'm thinking of her as I listen to it in the woods now. She was really there for me at difficult times, bless her soul. May her spirit be happy & bright now. I saw her in the upper world, after she passed away - she looked beautiful & serene. I felt happy for her, that's she's in the light & pain free now. She came on a spiritual journey with me - her in spirit - & helped me shamanically retrieve something I'd lost, which really inspired the music & empowered me to create it.

She made a wonderful family, who all loved her dearly - we still do! Just she's looking down on us to help keep us safe now.

I would have loved to have spent more quality time with her. Just goes to show - spend time with the ones you love & care about ey. Every moment means so much. But I don't agree with being selfish & crying loads in sadness - the Irish way is to celebrate her life & be happy for her where she is now, so that's what I'm resolute to do. I really feel her presence when I listen to this music :), I can feel her with me, happy & that's really comforting, makes me feel really priveleged & lucky.

I love dancing to this music, it's just so chilled, so relaxed, so content.

I'd love to hear from you bout what you think, I'm trying to gather reviews at the moment, so I'd appreciate your thoughtfulness, awesome people.

....Deep in the woods....

Really hope you enjoy

Caz Templetree

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