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Celt Events Been organising Celt Events (my events company) parties in UK since 1998 (much inspired & influenced by Cabbage (the first Psychedelic Trance & Acid Techno night in UK), which I moved to, right after organising my first event in Wales - my 18th birthday party (which was at that time, Blues, D&B & House) - which I organised only able to move one arm, from my hospital bed, having broken my back in 5 places & shattered my ankle, being a test pilot at the Paragliding World Championships, when I was 17 (I'm actually a walking miracle hehjheh) :)), events that have continuously grown to range more diversely in genres, from Acoustic Live Templetree sets (Stoner Folk, Blues, Reggae, Soul, Rock, Jazz), to Chillout, to Triphop, Hiphop, Drum&Bass, Old Skool Jungle, Dubstep, Electro Swing, Old Skool Jungle, Minimal Techno, Deep House, Psychedelic Trance, Acid Techno & more. Our nights have taken many forms & names & been in many venues & forest/hill locations.

I am booked as a Musician to go do whole Templetree evenings of music at venues Nationwide & Worldwide.... in these circumstances, I generally charge a fee (price on request) per night's booking & can play from, for example, 8pm til 1am, starting with a Templetree Live Acoustic set (Templetree Stoner Folk, Reggae & Blues Rock) (which is pretty soft & gentle) then me & my partner Martin go on to do a Templetree Psychedelic Soul set (which is me on the electric guitar with pedals & him on the keyboard, with both of us on vocals (totally frestyle creations usually), then I go onto do a Templetree & friends electronic set with Live vocals, which gradually builds in pace through the chilled genres, from Triphop, to Templetree Breaks, to Psychedelic Drum&Bass, then I go onto do more of my music: Templetree Deep House, then Templetree Psychedelic Trance, then after that I can do a Cabbagecaz Deep Tribal Psy dj set to get everyone in a frenzy on the dancefloor, I can supply my own Rig, Equipment & Décor & lights for these bookings & do all the promotional designs & online prmotion.... For long distance travel I have to add my travel costs to the booking fee, as it's already a lot of work & focus for me to do these bookings & we just have to be able to afford to do it, I am pretty flexible & accommodating to small venues & growing venues & do what I can to help, within reason. If you have an idea, please get in touch through the contact form. Cariad   Sophia has also organised a lot of parties through the years which have seen many visiting Artists & Djs come to play (as well as me) & be showcased in UK, bringing open minded Conscious-Music-Culture to many regions of Wales, mainly Mid Wales. She's organised many parties in UK. Now everything is so much better, so much more fun & so absolutely ecstatic to enjoy. Caroline Mulcahy There have been very many flyers, however hehjheh way before the internet & cannae find most of them, so here's a few I could find for you to take a peek at... More events coming soon :). The Parties we organise are to create fully immersive sensory experiences for people, where everyone can relax in sacred space, open up & dance, in sacred prayer dance, to have beautiful & uplifting times together, parties filled with big beamy smiles, lovely people, lots of big hugs, inspiring chinwags, great music & beautiful art, lights & projections, always with quality Sound systems. If you would like me to organise an event, or come to play at your event, then please do get in touch. Kundalinieye decor Sophia has had to decline several festivals & gigs this year, as she has to ensure her costs are covered & her fees met & that everything is right for her, to be safe, as is all such a big effort to go to busy, intense places, when she's quite a quiet person, though she loves to be sociable in the right settings. Saying that, she has done some really amazing nights recently too!

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