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Welcome to The Official Website of Templetree Live - the Transcendental Artist. Here you can watch her videos, listen to & buy 8 of her albums, get your free downloads, find out more about her & enjoy the uplifting experience which is Templetree Live - Copyrighted.

Sophia Alexandra Juliet Mitchell Roe Mulcahy ( a name given to her by someone dear to her, which honours her Ancestral & Spiritual Lineage). (previously called ‘Caroline Gemma Mulcahy’)

Sophia was hacked for a week in October 2018. The website is just being updated now.

Lord Ganeshe

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Templetree Live spans the genres, is soul music, music of the heart, music lovingly crafted to uplift & enthuse the listener with positivity & healing light.

Templetree Live - Sophia, waited for many years to release the music & began releasing it all last year & is really happy in love.  Sophia is: Templetree Live, Templetree Deep House, Templetree Stoner Folk, Templetree Breaks & Templetree Psychedelic Trance. & Templetree & friends are: Sophia & Golden Ears, Dean J, Djr Control Freqs, Dave Kirk, Rob Jones, Maxtrax & Tom Ellis.

The wilds inspire her creativity, as she explores dimensions of sound, set to take you on a journey to the source.

Sophia honours her Aristocratic Ancestry. She has no blood family.

Sophia works in many media, she loves the whole creative process, writing, composing, recording, performing, making music videos, creating art & decor, she's generally pretty busy creating a fully immersive experience for people....she organises events where she plays & decorates & smiles a lot.

With years of live performance experience & passion for playing, Templetree loves what she does & loves meeting people & thriving on the joy of the music. She hides away at times, by the fire in her studio, out in the garden, or in the woods writing & then reeappears with new creations & performs live. She's written & produced a huge amount of assorted music, ranging in genres.

Templetree Live is Sophia's Artist name, as Composer, Music Producer, Musician & Live Artist. Sophia is also a Shamanic Practitioner & practices: Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Healing & Chi Kung as well. The healing arts have helped her so massively on her healing journey & through having a healing focus, she's managed to work really effectively & hopes her music & wealth of experience can help people now, in having faith that we can all live our dreams, we can aspire to be the best we can be ....positive Imagination Visualisation Manifestation...

....Excerpts from Sophia's Poetry....


Be bold,

Strong like moor snow,

Cool, like the dew, explicit

With life`s fervour,

As fresh light`s rays,

The rose to wake.

Fluttering petals tremble,

Keen into the ecstatic day.

To meet with the butterfly,

So delicately gripped to the softest satin,

Sweet rose, how the delirium

Of your scent sends me,

Melting into the long grass.

How does the butterfly

Your perfume so endure?

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